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Wooden Dish Rack

Like any other, a wooden dish rack is usually put right next to the sink, and they are very handy for air-drying dishes, silverware, and glasses. Most wood dish racks come with spaces and slots to make the dishes stand up and drain properly.



No longer do dish racks come in only metal or plastic. New wooden dish racks have evolved, and depending on the amount of use they’ll see, they can be either the cheap kind you’ll find in a discount store, or they can be the more pricey kind that is found in an upscale kitchen and home store. Before you buy a wooden dish rack, there are a few things you should consider.


Wood Dish Rack - Buying Considerations

  • How much counter space do you have? If you have a small kitchen, you might want a wood folding dish rack. These folding dish drying racks are available in a few sizes, and they stand on legs instead of on a flat base - so they take up less space on your counter top.

As their name implies, folding wooden dish racks can be neatly stored away when they’re not being used. However, the folding dish racks tend to be more expensive.

  • Keep in mind that the majority of wooden folding dish racks don’t have a tray or basin that comes along with them, so the water that drips off of your clean dishes will end up on your counter top. Also, a folding wooden dish drying rack usually doesn’t come with a place to put silverware to dry.

wooden dish drying rack

 wood dish rack

 wooden dish rack

  • If you have a little more space, you may want a wooden dish rack with a tray underneath. This piece is meant to collect the drained water that would otherwise end up on your counter top, and most of them have a drainage hole that leads to the sink.

These dish racks usually hold quite a few more dishes than their folding counterparts, and most have a place to dry your silver and utensils.


 wooden dish rack

 wooden dish racks

wood dish drying rack 

  • Also, you should consider price. Wood dish racks are almost always more expensive than those made of plastic or metal. Wooden ones look nicer, but they need a bit more care and maintenance.

The less expensive wood drying racks can warp and split over time, unlike steel or plastic. Anyone looking to buy a wood dish rack should know how to care for it. We have included some buying options below, in association with Amazon.

If you hand wash dishes, you will need a way to dry them. Don’t resort to placing them on a towel, and don’t end up standing over the sink, drying them one by one. Invest in a quality wooden dish rack - it may take a little more care, but the convenience it adds to your dishwashing routine will make it a very worthwhile purchase.


 wooden dish racks

  wood dish rack